Patron Disputes

Casino gaming in Arizona is governed by the Tribal-State Gaming Compact between the State of Arizona and the gaming Tribes. Under the Compact, the Arizona Department of Gaming monitors a Tribe's gaming operations to ensure that they are conducted lawfully. In addition to the monitoring by the State, every Tribal casino is regulated by a Tribal Gaming Office (TGO). The TGO, which is independent of the tribal casino operation, is the primary regulator and is responsible for on-site regulation of all gaming activities. 

Section 14 of the Arizona Tribal Gaming Compact outlines the process for resolving patron disputes. If a patron is unable to resolve his dispute with the casino over wins and losses, the patron has the right to contact the TGO to resolve the issue. The Compact gives sole authority to the Tribal Gaming Offices to resolve patron disputes over wins and losses. 

If you have a dispute with a casino and wish to file a complaint, the first step is to call the Tribal Gaming Office. The TGO is required to investigate all disputes involving at least $500. At the request of a patron, the TGO has the discretion to investigate any dispute involving less than $500. Once the TGO has been notified of a complaint, it has 30 days to investigate and render a decision on the matter. It is important that you contact the Tribal Gaming Office as soon as possible after the event in question. The earlier you file your complaint, the more effective the TGO can be in retrieving documents and surveillance records, gathering information, and conducting interviews to investigate your complaint. 

If you are not satisfied with the results of the TGO investigation and decision, the Compact gives you the right to file a petition with the TGO requesting a review of the decision. The TGO may set a hearing on the matter or make its decision based solely upon its prior investigation. If your dispute involves an amount over $500, you also have the right to file a complaint in Tribal Court. 

Some Tribal Gaming Offices are also known as "Community Regulatory Agencies" or "Tribal Gaming Agencies". 

Arizona Tribal Gaming Offices