Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 13, Chapter 33 Gambling

13-3301 Definitions
13-3302 Exclusions
13-3303 Promotion of gambling; classification
13-3304 Benefiting from gambling; classification
13-3305 Betting and wagering; classification
13-3306 Possession of a gambling device; classification
13-3307 Possession of gambling records; classification
13-3308 Presumption
13-3309 Seizure; exception; definition
13-3310 Forfeiture
13-3311 Amusement gambling intellectual contests or events; registration; filing of rules; sworn statement; exceptions
13-3312 Crane games; prohibited acts; classification


Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 5, Chapter 6, Article I Gambling on Indian Reservation

5-601 Gambling on Indian reservations; tribal-state compacts; tribal-state compact fund
5-601.02     New standard form of tribal-state gaming compact; effects
5-602 Gaming certification and enforcement; powers; duties; deputy director
5-602.01 Rules; civil penalties
5-603 Department of gaming investigators; peace officer status
5-604 Department of gaming; director; qualifications; term; conflict of interest; grounds for dismissal