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The United States Congress enacted the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (“IGRA”) of 1988, which established basic federal regulations and enforcement responsibilities for Indian gaming on reservations. Congress adopted this legislation to promote Tribal economic development while providing a framework for legitimate federal and state regulatory concerns.
Recognizing the growth of Indian gaming in the State and the need for an independent regulatory body with expertise in gaming, the Arizona Legislature passed Laws 1995, Chapter 76, which expanded the Arizona State Gaming Agency to become the Arizona Department of Gaming (“the Department”). The Department partners with Arizona’s Indian Tribes to oversee Indian casinos. Gaming in Arizona is governed by the Arizona Tribal-State Gaming Compacts between the State and 21 Arizona Tribes.
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Office of Problem Gambling

The mission of the Office of Problem Gambling (OPG) is to provide and support effective problem gambling prevention, treatment, and education programs throughout Arizona. OPG is committed to a public health approach to address problem gambling issues. This section oversees the statewide problem gambling treatment and self-exclusion programs. OPG promotes public awareness of problem gambling through education and outreach. OPG supports its mission by promoting the Arizona problem gambling helpline number, 1.800.NEXT STEP (1.800.639.8783). This section actively seeks partnerships and participates in collaborative efforts with its stakeholders and other jurisdictions. For more information, please visit the Office of Problem Gambling Website.

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