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About The Department

The Arizona Department of Gaming is the state agency charged with the regulation of tribal gaming, pari-mutuel racing and wagering, and boxing and mixed martial arts. In addition, the Department also runs the Office of Problem Gambling (OPG) which provides and supports the treatment, prevention, and education of problem gambling.


The legislature established the Arizona Department of Gaming in 1995, after recognizing the growth of Indian gaming in the State and the need for an independent regulatory body with expertise in gaming.


Tribal gaming in Arizona is governed by the Tribal-State Gaming Compacts and the Department partners with Arizona’s 21 tribes to oversee the casinos. Currently, there are 16 Tribes operating 23 Class III casinos in the State. Another 5 Tribes do not have casinos, but have slot machine rights they may lease to other Tribes. One of Arizona’s 22 Tribes (Hopi) does not have a gaming Compact.


In 2015, the legislature consolidated the Department of Racing under the Department of Gaming, expanding the Departments responsibilities to include oversight of all pari-mutuel wagering and racing in the State and regulation of boxing and mixed martial arts events conducted in Arizona.


 To protect the public, ensure compliance with the Arizona Tribal State Gaming Compacts and regulate the gaming industry.

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 To regulate and supervise pari-mutuel racing and wagering conducted in Arizona in order to protect racing participants and the wagering public.

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 To regulate and supervise boxing and mixed martial arts events conducted in Arizona to protect all participants in those events.

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 To provide and support effective problem gambling prevention, treatment, and education programs throughout Arizona.

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Department Staff & Funding

The department of Gaming is a state government agency, but does not receive any tax revenue or general fund monies to support its regulatory responsibilities. Regulation of Tribal Gaming is funded entirely by Arizona's gaming Tribes as set forth in the Compact. Regulation of racing activities is funded through the Racing Regulation Fund primarily made up of revenues from the regulatory wagering assessment (RWA).